Harbor East Waterfront

Very calming being by the water this morning. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the construction on the waterfront was complete, and the walkway was open for all to enjoy. Happy Sunday, everyone!

Aquatic Life

I was at the Baltimore aquarium today, spent 4 hours walking around and seeing all the beautiful aquatic creatures. Here are some of my favorite pictures.


At the Promenade

I spent some time at the promenade in Harbor East this morning. It was refreshing to sit down, watch the ducks swim around, feel the warm sun kiss my skin, and simply enjoy the scenery. I enjoyed the moments of serenity so much that I decided to return to the promenade on a regular basis. Happy Sunday!!!



Beauty all Around

I had just finished watering one of my indoor plants when I noticed a perfectly round droplet perched on a fallen leaf. I thought it looked beautiful and carried profound meaning, that in as much as water is (re)vitalizing, it was too late for this particular leaf. Yet, even in its lifeless, shriveled and discolored form the leaf still portrayed beauty – at least in my eyes.