!!!Under Restoration!!!

IMG_1655The Mount Vernon monument is undergoing restoration this year, and though I walk past it nearly everyday, when I did so yesterday I was struck by a thought. Wouldn’t it be amazing if humans underwent restoration too, the kind of intentional introspection that leads to renewal and refinement of life goals, skills, relationships, lifestyles, or even how we dress and what we eat? Albeit we’d need multiple restorations over our lifetimes. Savor the little things in life and keep the stress at bay. Cheers!

Pieces of Text

Hey pumpkin.

You’re always close

to my heart, even if

you’re far away.

You’re like the sunrise,

I really prefer you to be

there when I wake up.

Every time you hold me,

I feel so warm and safe,

and super special. I melt

into a puddle of joy.

I just want to hug you forever.

Sweet dreams, my love!

                         – DRL





Very rarely do you meet someone
Someone who makes you laugh
Someone who makes you smile
Someone who wipes tears off your face when you cry
Someone who stands with you,
Even when all else is falling apart.
Someone without whom it is lonely,
Even when you are in a crowd.
Someone who is always in your thoughts
Someone you can trust without a doubt
Someone who just makes you happy
Someone who you want to be with from sunrise to sunset,
And even more from sunset to sunrise.
Someone who holds you so close,
That you feel each others’ racing heart beats
Someone who holds you passionately,
Like he will never let go.
Someone who makes you wonder if you are in love
Someone who you never want to say goodbye to
Someone who rocks your world
Someone you feel like writing a poem to because you miss him.