!!!Under Restoration!!!

IMG_1655The Mount Vernon monument is undergoing restoration this year, and though I walk past it nearly everyday, when I did so yesterday I was struck by a thought. Wouldn’t it be amazing if humans underwent restoration too, the kind of intentional introspection that leads to renewal and refinement of life goals, skills, relationships, lifestyles, or even how we dress and what we eat? Albeit we’d need multiple restorations over our lifetimes. Savor the little things in life and keep the stress at bay. Cheers!

Travelers on a Journey

Almost five years ago on the first day of my first job after graduating from college, a very eloquent orientation speaker read this poem (which I just now accidentally found online) to a group of eager, excited and perhaps secretly nervous new employees. I remember thinking ‘wow, these are powerful words’ and feeling challenged to positively impact my “fellow travelers” – not only at work but also in my family, friendships and greater community. I had the same sentiments today after reading this poem. Frankly, I can do better in spreading happiness and love. What about you?


Keep Moving Forward!!!

Today I turned in my application for admission to PhD candidacy – a monumental step in the life of a graduate student. I am tremendously happy and grateful for making it this far, but recognize that there is still a lot more to accomplish in this journey. Planning to keep moving forward – though I’m praying for a snow day tomorrow 😉

“You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in a room.” ― Dr. Seuss