Hmm…”the Sex Issue”

I decided to take a casual stroll around my neighborhood this evening to take in the mild temperature and look for something to photograph before another winter storm sets in tomorrow. After overcoming icy, slippery sidewalks, heaps of snow and deep puddles I decided to stop by the intersection of W.Read St. & Park Ave and browse through what the “City Paper” had to say. Unbeknownst to me, it was “The Sex Issue,” how timely huh? Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day (whether you’re with someone or not), and remember the real challenge is to act lovingly and generously every single day, and not just on V-day.

“Without love, living has no meaning.” – Paulo Coehlo


Christmas Eve 2013




Today I ventured beyond Baltimore, and into Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvannia -a neighborhood near Harrisburg. This neighborhood has a long standing Christmas eve tradition of lining the streets with lit candles in bags of sand. It’s usually a breath-taking sight, similar to the airport runway lights at night. Tonight was a flop because the candles could barely stay lit because of the intense wind this evening. Nonetheless, I managed to capture some moments on camera, including this amazingly huge tree which has existed longer than the houses you see. Merry Christmas all!