A Sunset

like this evening’s is enough to bring an exciting and colorful end to an otherwise long, and plain day. Truly one of nature’s amazing gifts to us earthlings.




Still of Morning

I had a rare early morning today. I took a walk to the women and children’s center where I volunteered to help prepare and serve breakfast this morning, and along the way I could see sunrise colors glimmering in the sky. It was quite a refreshing way to start the day. Actually inspired me to get out of bed earlier so I can experience both the sunrise and early morning’s serenity more often.


*** bUttErfLIes ***

As someone who loves flowers, I naturally adore butterflies. I took these pictures of preserved butterflies at the Walters Art Museum in Mount Vernon. The butterflies of Maryland definitely lag in color vibrancy compared to those of Central & South America, but they are still pretty to look at. I might just be biased because it’s bitterly cold today, and South America sounds rather amazing right about now. Would be super stoked if someone in Central/South America saw this post, if you are there please leave a comment and let me know which country you are in. Thanks!



Prayers In The Wind

Prayer ribbon petitions for PEACE. These will catch your attention if you walk by the First Franklin St Presbyterian Church in Mt. Vernon. The architecture of this church is beautiful, I’ll have to take a picture of it one day and share with you all. Cheers!

Prayers in the wind