quick FIX

It was a regular Monday evening. I was strolling leisurely from school when one of my sandals snapped. I was 5 blocks from my apartment. I thought of walking the rest of the way barefoot. I thought of hailing a cab. In desperation, I looked into my lunch bag and discovered a stretchy rubber band – the kind used to tie bunches of produce. Totally unflattering, but hey, we all know how messy quick fixes can be 😉


Artscape is America’s largest free arts festival – attracting 350,000+ visitors over 3 days (www.artscape.org). Right here in Baltimore, and literally just blocks from my apartment. 🙂

Arts District

I was out and about Station North this afternoon and enjoyed seeing the mural displays in that area. It’s amazing how art can transform an otherwise uninteresting structure into a thing of beauty. ART ROCKS!

A Simple Pleasure

I bought myself flowers today. Just because …

“To me, flowers are happiness.” – Stefano Gabbana