Aquatic Life

I was at the Baltimore aquarium today, spent 4 hours walking around and seeing all the beautiful aquatic creatures. Here are some of my favorite pictures.



My colleague’s novel excerpt, PURE, made the Top 100 in the General Fiction category of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Woot! Could you please take time to read and review her novel excerpt? You won’t be disappointed. I promise!

Here is the link: PURE–ABNA Entry


My wonderful friend, David, captured this sunrise two days ago. Beautiful, isn’t it? Taken in Parkville, northeast of Baltimore city.

“With each sunrise, we start anew.” – source unknown


“It Really Ain’t That Bad!”

This weekend was the annual ‘Flower Mart’ so I decided to check that out, especially since the event was held within a block from where I live. I expected to see more plants and flowers than were present. Nonetheless, a few things caught my attention.

I saw marigolds, and had a nostalgic moment – my mother planted these every year when I was a child.


IMG_1364[1]I thought this t-shirt was funny. And I agree, regardless of all the negative stereotypes that prevail about Baltimore (related to crime, poverty, substance use etc.) – “It really ain’t that bad!