Urban Farmer for a Day

I spent most of Saturday volunteering at the Oliver Community Farm, a new two-acre urban farm and orchard intended to serve as a sustainable, healthy resource of fresh produce for residents of the Oliver Community (in East Baltimore), many of whom lack affordable and adequate access to healthy food. The weather was great, the volunteers were friendly and dedicated, and the entire experience was rewarding. The event was hosted by Johns Hopkins Alumni Association and The 6th Branch.




Still of Morning

I had a rare early morning today. I took a walk to the women and children’s center where I volunteered to help prepare and serve breakfast this morning, and along the way I could see sunrise colors glimmering in the sky. It was quite a refreshing way to start the day. Actually inspired me to get out of bed earlier so I can experience both the sunrise and early morning’s serenity more often.


Hmm…”the Sex Issue”

I decided to take a casual stroll around my neighborhood this evening to take in the mild temperature and look for something to photograph before another winter storm sets in tomorrow. After overcoming icy, slippery sidewalks, heaps of snow and deep puddles I decided to stop by the intersection of W.Read St. & Park Ave and browse through what the “City Paper” had to say. Unbeknownst to me, it was “The Sex Issue,” how timely huh? Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day (whether you’re with someone or not), and remember the real challenge is to act lovingly and generously every single day, and not just on V-day.

“Without love, living has no meaning.” – Paulo Coehlo


Keep Moving Forward!!!

Today I turned in my application for admission to PhD candidacy – a monumental step in the life of a graduate student. I am tremendously happy and grateful for making it this far, but recognize that there is still a lot more to accomplish in this journey. Planning to keep moving forward – though I’m praying for a snow day tomorrow 😉

“You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in a room.” ― Dr. Seuss


Love for Orchids

David and I visited the National Botanic Garden in Washington DC a couple of days ago. Being in the warm and humid garden felt like a mini escape from the recent dreary winter weather. Among other things, we saw countless varieties of orchids. I love all sorts of flowers, but orchids are probably my favorite. Here are some pictures. Thanks for stopping by.






mAnGleD RuBbLe

Broken and created anew
A process of change
From lackluster to polished facade
Decrepit to exuberant vitality
Hollow emptiness to overflowing abundance
Not in a flash
But gradual transformation