“Our home is your home”

Despite not having spent Christmas with my immediate family in nearly 8 years, today was another wonderful holiday. I am very thankful for strangers turned friends who continue to open their homes to me and allow me to feel the warmth and love of family on days such as this. May joy, love, kindness and generosity abound always!


Christmas Eve 2013




Today I ventured beyond Baltimore, and into Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvannia -a neighborhood near Harrisburg. This neighborhood has a long standing Christmas eve tradition of lining the streets with lit candles in bags of sand. It’s usually a breath-taking sight, similar to the airport runway lights at night. Tonight was a flop because the candles could barely stay lit because of the intense wind this evening. Nonetheless, I managed to capture some moments on camera, including this amazingly huge tree which has existed longer than the houses you see. Merry Christmas all!

Pieces of Text

Hey pumpkin.

You’re always close

to my heart, even if

you’re far away.

You’re like the sunrise,

I really prefer you to be

there when I wake up.

Every time you hold me,

I feel so warm and safe,

and super special. I melt

into a puddle of joy.

I just want to hug you forever.

Sweet dreams, my love!

                         – DRL




Farmer’s Market

Walked by the Farmer’s Market on Saratoga St on my way to church this morning. It may be the second day of winter season but the 60F weather made it feel almost like summer time. I also spotted several tents planted around the market area. No doubt that homelessness is a problem in this city.




Pirates, Shot Tower & a Steeple

A few days ago, Raj, one of my co-workers candidly showed me some pictures that he had taken from the office building. He didn’t know of my budding interest in photography, and I am sure he was surprised when I asked if I can feature a couple of his pictures on my blog. Enjoy!



raj steeple

raj city

Finals Crunch Time

It’s that time of the year again – exams, papers due etc. This is a view from one of the library study rooms at the University of Maryland Baltimore. You can see the Ravens stadium in the distance and a hint of the Orioles ballpark.