HeArT oN tHe GrOuNd!


Was walking home after a long day at school, along Franklin St near Eutaw St, when I saw this street art. I thought it was cute. Definitely brightened my day – so much joy in appreciating the little things in life. ***Sorry to disappoint if the title made you think this was a spooky Halloween post, hope you appreciate the play on words 🙂 ***

With Love, P

Prayers In The Wind

Prayer ribbon petitions for PEACE. These will catch your attention if you walk by the First Franklin St Presbyterian Church in Mt. Vernon. The architecture of this church is beautiful, I’ll have to take a picture of it one day and share with you all. Cheers!

Prayers in the wind


Greatest City?

These benches are all over the city, usually at bus stops. This particular bench is at the corner of St Paul and Madison St. Notice how someone chalked in the word “CHAOS” on the bench. I guess not everybody agrees.

Greatest City?